Saturday, November 3, 2007

Megan, Professional Makeup Artist

You would think that, since I am a photographer and all, I would have FANTASTIC pictures of my child in her Halloween costume, what with all the talent pouring out of me when I touch a camera. Well, you'd be wrong- I managed to get a total of 4 shots of Megan (and Kip, who was dressed like Steve from Blue's Clues, which was hilarious and a little hot). All four were grainy, shot at ISO 1600 basically in the dark, and 3 of them were completely out of focus.

So, I did what any desperate parent would do, I waited for the weekend and put her back in her costume to get some fantastic photos.

With Halloween not too far behind us, I still have a giant box of face paint hanging around in the kitchen, into which I dove for face paint for the reenactment. Megan grabbed the little 5-color palate that had been on the coffee table since she went Trick-or-Treating on Wednesday and said, "I'll do my makeup this time, mama." I told her that I would do her Cat In The Hat makeup, then she could do WHATEVER she wanted, after I took some pictures. She decided to paint an unsuspecting victim, my wonderful sister-in-law, Anne in the meantime.

As she coated Anne in layers of paint, we overheard the following:

"Ooops. Well, it's ok if I mess up a little. I AM and artist."