Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another Week in Review: Karaoke, Zane, Emma, the Katies, George and a Fantastic Fourth. (whew)

What a week! I feel like we were running, running, running all week- there were some big ups and downs, and like so much of life, they make the time fly.

The week started off with a bittersweet Monday. We joined friends from college in celebrating the life of their almost-three-year-old son who passed away the week before. We hugged them tight and said goodbye to Jake.

Megan and I started taking my bicycle as our mode of transportation on Tuesday, with the addition of a sweet $8 score from a thrift store- a kid seat! Unfortunately, I've been hard on the bike for almost 2 years now, and the back tire tube gave up unceremoniously on Wednesday when we were about 1/2 mile from the house. We slept well that night.

Wednesday, a star was born. Megan sang Karaoke at the local Double Dave's Karaoke night, and you could see it in her eyes- she was born to do it. You could also see in her body language that she was a little bit nervous about it, but boy she was proud- almost as proud as Kip and I were!




We are all still run-down from waiting and waiting for news on our visas, but that's covered so boringly and extensively covered in the other blog, I just won't go into details here.

Megan rode in the Garden Oaks 4th of July Bike Parade again this year, and unfortunately we missed the judging so all her hard work was just for show. IT was one of those mornings- we got up late, had no breakfast and were on the run from the moment our feet hit the floor... she was NOT happy with me, and most of the pictures I managed to take reflect her mood. Regardless, I think she had a nice time being in the parade and seeing our friends and neighbors.


Our biggest up and down was with our friend Emma- she had a brain tumor removed about 8 days ago, and is by far the bravest 3 1/2 year old I know. We were so elevated by news that the tumor is out and scans look good, but fell with the news that the mass was cancerous and her road to good health will be a difficult one. Meg and I went up to visit them at Texas Children's Hospital, and Megan managed to make Emma smile and giggle, which brought a little relief to her tired parents.



We spent the evening on Friday with our other family, Katie and Luke. If you ask Megan, Luke is her little brother. Gets plenty of raised eyebrows with school and work friends. They do look like siblings, but then again, Katie and I get asked if we are sisters or twins, which neither one of us sees. It was a great way to cap off the week, and it was wonderful to see "the other" Katy, Luke, Katie and her parents.



Can you believe it? I also managed to squeak in two client shoots. First was Zane, the cutest little one year old boy. Megan came along to be my assistant (and sort of managed to help). We tromped around Thursday evening at Discovery Green, a skill Zane had picked up a week prior. Little boy giggles really get me. And his squinty-eyed smile. SUCH a doll!


Today (er, or yesterday- it's already 1am- I should look into sleeping sometime) I got to photograph three-week-old George V. Not the French King, obviously. (I think the long hours are really doing a number on my sense of humor.) Another wonderful family, and beautiful baby boy.


Ok, that's my week in a nutshell. How was yours?