Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Computers - URGH!

So I had this great piece all typed up about how Kip, Meg and I had dinner with a great friend last night, and how Megan was just cute as a button about this couple and their teeny 4-month old baby boy, when for no reason whatsoever, IE just randomly closed about 5 of my 12 open windows, and now it is lost forever.

Let me end my technology rant and just say Megan was just super-cute. She was draped over the back of our booth, making shadows for the baby to look at while he pigged-out on his bottle. She asked the woman questions like, "How old is your baby?" and told her "You have a sweet baby." It really was priceless. It was also endearing to see how wonderfully patient this woman, a total and complete stranger, was with Megan.

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