Friday, April 27, 2007

Kismet? Coincidence? Wha?

Many, many times in my life I have met people that have impacted or influenced my life at the same time I had been wanting or needing the affect they deliver. Sometimes these folks drifted in and drifted back out, bringing in a wash of experience; other times they've stuck around like strays I've fed. And there are even some that disappear and reappear at just the right time, as if they're spying on me and know exactly when I need to hear from them.

Yeah, I read Celestine Prophecy. Yeah, I got all goose-bumpy. Do I believe it? Meh, not really. Not to the weirdo extent of the book. Synchronicity? Sure, I can buy that. Divine intervention? Why would a supreme being orchestrate at such a microscopic level? I so would have outsourced that kind of junk to another country.

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