Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Total Photography Geek-Out

Birthday Roses 6
I got a new leeee-nnnnns, I got a new leeee-nnnnns!

I ran out yesterday morning and got a sparkly, brand spankin' new Cannon 50mm F1.8. For those of you who do not immediately get lens envy, just stop reading here.

Ok, good. You're still with me. It is so cool- I see bazillions of 50mm shots on my favorite photo site, Flickr, and in many forums I have read that the first lens to run out and buy is the "Thrifty Fifty" (named for it's super-cheap price, relatively speaking). So, I had $100 burning a hole in my pocket (birthday dough) and I ran right out to Houston Camera Exchange and plunked it down in exchange for this new lens. (After, of course, swooning lovelorn over the stupid Fisheye lens I have a major crush on. Stupid, expensive 'yotch. I want it. Badly.)

So far the biggest thing I have discovered is that in fairly well-lit conditions I can take a nice portrait and totally blur out the background - with the aperture at 1.8, the DOF gets the face (and if I'm not careful, just the nose or chin- oop!) and everything behind is nice, fuzzy, and totally insignificant in the image.

So, if you (and this is basically aimed at YOU, JY, because you are the only person who doesn't live in my house that reads this blog, apparently) browse the ol' Flickr page, you'll see some new entries, and over the next week or so there'll be plenty more with the new toy.

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Jesse said...

Son of a B that's a nice lens!

Freakin' awesome shots, btw. You'll be hearing individual comments on them throughout the day as I get more and more frustrated with work.