Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Neener Neener!

Things have been insane with the whole "We're Moving To The Netherlands" thing going on at our house, so I have very little fun news on the photography front. If you are a client waiting on photos, I SWEAR that I will be back in touch next week. This is my last week at the job that pays for my photography business, and I am working like a fiend to make sure I leave no loose ends over here.

You should be jealous, however, because I am going to have breakfast with none other than the gut-wrenchingly hilarious The Bloggess tomorrow!


So I will be up late tonight, trying to decide what to wear and preparing the 5-inch tall stack of blue notecards so that I may interview her in a manner appropriate to her awesomeness. I hope I don't totally bore her to death. I have a picture of her daughter from Trash The Dress, Part Deux that I did last October in Galveston that I'm thinking of making a t-shirt with so that I seem more stalker-ish. Stalkers are interesting, right?

What I really need is to figure out a classy way to showcase the tattoo of her likeness on my right butt cheek... I KNOW there is a way, I just know it!

1 comment:

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Oh my God, I adore you.

I can't wait!

Two hours and counting...