Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Misc. Rant o' the Day

The ladies room here at work has this air freshener thing that sprays out a burst of "freshness" at some interval that I cannot determine (it seems to be almost directly related with me opening the door, or going to wash my hands at the sink right below it). For the longest time I assumed that someone on my floor wore some kind of strange fruit-smelling lotion, or put on said fruit-smelling lotion while in the bathroom. When I switched to nights, same smell, and I discovered the strange freshener apparatus on the wall about a foot from the ceiling, right by the bathroom door.

The scent that this thing puts out is odd- it reminds me of some kind of melon, but with a sickening artificial edge. For those of you who might remember a weird melon-cucumber lotion that Victoria's Secret had in it's line around 1994 or so, it's that, but more melon-y. With all that setup, here's my gripe:

That bathroom always smells like someone pooped in a half-a-cantaloupe.

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