Friday, March 16, 2007

New blog spot. This, too, shall be left untended.

So a friend of mine has a blog here with pretty pictures and everything, so I got inspired. Many things bring me here, listed below in Dwight Schrute style.

#1 - I just got a new camera about 3 weeks ago, and I need a place to upload and just go bonkers with all the stuff I'm trying out with that. My camera is far superior to myself not only in composition and intellect, but also reputation. This will be a battle royale.

#2 - Also, in a new job in IT- back from a 2 year retail hiatus - and need a place to vent about that. Users. Bah. Oh, and also to gossip about old co-workers from said retial establishment.

#3 - In addition, have an uber-cool almost 4-year-old. She will be in a lot of the pictures from #1. She is also far superior to myself. No battle there.

That is all.

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