Thursday, February 7, 2008

Brush With Brush With Fame...

Man I had a WEEEIRD week (right before I got sick as a dog four weeks ago). I went to my local photography rental folks on Friday to pick up a flash for a photoshoot I had that weekend, and bumped into a guy who was going to be ASSISTING FOR ANNIE LEIBOVITZ in Houston the next weekend. Needless to say I made sure he had my card and a deep understanding of how he could call me to get him coffee, danishes, or hookers or WHATEVER he needed that day and I would auction my child on ebay if it was necessary. He didn't run away or act scared, and fortunately he didn't call as I was on 2 shoots that weekend myself, but STILL!

Then, on Monday when I was returning my rental, I ended up couriering 8 sheets of foamcore and a boom to the Woodlands, and I have the phone number of the FIRST ASSISTANT TO ANNIE LIEBOVITZ programmed in MY phone! Mine! I only called him 11 times. I only hung up right away on 9 of them. I did, however, slip a fist-full of business cards into the foamcore I delivered.

I mean Annie FREAKING Liebovitz, man! How often does that happen?

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