Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No Autographs, Please.

You know, fame can really change a person. I mean, I still put on my pants one leg at a time, just like the rest of you, but the difference is that after I put on my pants? I'm "Woman in Cafe."


So, after catching up on sleep for 2 days, I am down to the last 250 images (of around 1300) from the 48 Hour Film Project. It was the most amazing experience - I watched a film go from a room of people throwing out random ideas to the first "action!" to "that's a wrap" to "crap, it's 22 seconds too long" to "oh my god, WE DID IT!" The crew from SWD was top notch- brilliantly creative, resilient, hilarious, gung-ho, and damned good looking. It was a delight to capture them, and I am overwhelmed to have been included in the project.

48 Hour Filmmaker: Houston 2008

Here is a blog post from our director, Dutch, about his experience:
Dutch's Blog

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