Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nature vs. Nurture

So my sister came to visit for a short time today- she picked up our game room sofas (we are without a game room in our new shoebox house, but we have quadrupled the number of trees in our yard over the last house) and dropped off 2 beds for us. While we were schlepping all of these heavy things in and out of the house, we made small talk of what's been going on with each of us as of late. Two odd things came out of this chat:

We discovered that we are having the exact same breakfast almost every day, right down to the brand of granola and yogurt.

We are also eating the same brand frozen dinners daily.

It just struck me as funny- as different as we think we are on most things, there is just no fighting the influence of our upbringing and genetics. No matter that we cancel each other out at every national and state election, we are nonetheless teaching our kids the same life lessons, snarfing down the same food, and laughing hysterically at the same things.

I love my sister. There's no way I'm letting Megan grow-up an only child.


Jesse said...

Sometime when we're all hanging out, and not broadcasting stuff over the interweb, I'll tell you the story of my sister. It's basically a sociologist's/genticist's dream nature vs. nurture experiement.

Kari said...

Sweet! Can't wait to hear it!
*crossing arms nervously over chest*